The craziness of world politics…

I grew up during the “Cold War” and although I was not directly “touched” by it, living in a neutral Country such as Switzerland, I was fully aware of what the risks of a nuclear conflict would have enticed.

After all, Switzerland was not so very far away from the Warsaw Pact border.

Still, not so very worried, due to the many fail-safes both superpowers had at their disposal, not to speak of statesmen who did actually understand what the risks of a direct confrontation between the USSR and the USA would mean, even for their own respective Nations, life went on almost normally.

Yes, I ave just mentioned statesmen. What about it?
Do we still have statesmen these days?
Not really. What we have is a bunch of buffoons, puppets at the mercy of big money and big industry who really have no idea of what a statesman does or is.

Our politicians, everywhere, are just simple employees who have less imagination than a Gorilla or another primate.

The just laughable accusation that Russia aims at maneuvering world politics comes from tiny, puny heads like these. I don’t side for anyone by principle, since I don’t know these people in person and therefore I cannot say who they all really are, at least behind the facade of the politician.

So don’t take me wrong when I say that I have more respect for Vladimir Putin these days, than anyone else in world politics


Just for his laid back way at reacting to so many and abhorring accusations, that at the time of Josef Stalin, could have already been taken as an insult and would have enticed a major reaction by the Soviet Union.

And by the way,… who has been stomping around like a wild elephant in a glass menagerie, if not the United States?

Always with that almost fanatic dream to bring peace and prosperity through what they think being Democracy and instead always having helped, directly or indirectly authoritarian if not clearly fascist States?

The United States has not won one war since World War Two, and even then they were in a solid Coalition with Great Britain, Canada, Australia, the Free French and many Resistance movements, who helped them in their task, and naturally not forgetting the Soviet Union.

After WWII there was the Korean War that cannot be construed as a military victory for the United States. A stalemate at best, but not a victory.

Then, there was the Vietnam War, and this in particular is interesting. Vietnam was lost by the Dutch colonial forces and later by the French as well.
And to say that the French had their Elite Forces in that Country: the Foreign Legion.

So what made the U.S. think they could win in Vietnam? Bombs, Tanks and Aircraft alone?
They did not understand it then, nor do they understand it now.

People all over the world want their “own” freedom and their “own” dignity, and do not want the freedom and dignity imposed by others.
Why else have we fought World War I and World War II, and for the same principle, why were there four major revolutions: 1. Cromwell who decapitated the first Absolute Ruler in History by the name of Charles I; 2. The declaration of Independence (which true Americans know, or must now all too well) and the consequent Independence War against Great Britain; 3. The French Revolution; and last, the Russian Revolution?

Just because everywhere there was a need for freedom and more justice.
American citizens must know it well, since they created the first Democracy of modern history.
So, why does their Government deny the very same right to others?
Because the Government is overactive and impatient to transform the whole world in what they consider true freedom and liberty?

And what if others see freedom and liberty under a different angle?
Ever considered this?
Obviously not.

Where is the United States that so many people learned to admire for so long?
And why did they admire it?
Because it stood for freedom and prosperity for all.

Where is freedom and prosperity for all these days, when even common U.S. citizens are struggling to make a decent living?

Were these all false promises? And why don’t the rich and powerful give something back to a society they so shamefully and so blatantly plundered in the last fifty years?

I don’t mind the rich and powerful if they come with a strong sense of responsibility and a good dose of conscience reminding them that prosperity does not just mean filling your own pockets, but also sharing with those who cannot achieve the same as they managed to do.

But perhaps ethics and morals are forgettable things these days. Heck, I even heard a politician (a menial brain) utter this: “Morals are adaptable to every situation, and ethics depend on how you look at them”.
I wonder who this moron is and where he grew up.
But more shocking to me, is to think that in colleges and universities around the world people like these can get a degree.

I sometimes hear commenters on TV asking themselves where our world is going.
Well, do you want an honest answer?
It goes to the dogs.
At least if we continue like this.

I also wonder, and this more often than not, if I am the only one who sees a “Mad, mad, mad, mad world” around me.

Sports have become our only dominant culture these days.
There was a time when people would actually go and watch a play to pass away the time, or go and watch a good movie, or simply go and walk in the countryside.

Today you see kids launching themselves from ravines just to get a kick, or do whatever is life shortening, just to feel alive.
In my day, this was considered schizophrenia, or simply madness, but today it’s considered normal.
By whom?
I really wonder by whom.

The only fact that Sports can be attractive is not in dispute here, I am just saying that real culture has nothing to do with Sports, and Sports cannot simply be mistaken with culture.

Some even say that Art is in the eye of the beholder, and this is why these days, anyone who makes four blotches of color on a white wall, or worse, splashes a wall with incongruous paints is by definition admired as an artist.

To me, this is an insult to intelligence and good taste.

But who am I to understand the fine line between madness and reason?

What was considered, not so long ago, as disgusting, is today admired as a masterpiece and vice-versa.
How many times do I have to still hear how Beethoven is passe’, or that Rembrandt has made his time, or worse, just like: “…who cares about Shakespeare anymore. It’s just old and boring language who no one actually understands anymore.”
I actually and sadly heard this sentence uttered by a stage director, and thankfully I am not a homicidal maniac, just because I could have hung that sob.

I am only waiting for the natural regression of humanity to the wild beast it came out from.
If it goes on like this, I would not be surprised to see young people dangling from trees having re-developed tails, and older ones sitting at the bottom of the tree contemplating their navels or picking between their toes to find something to eat.

You might be laughing or smiling at this point, but I am absolutely not in the mood to laugh.
I find it shameful and very, very sad.

And now we have our top buffoon in the White House, a true Gorilla at it (I am only sorry if a true Gorilla is touched by this, since I know for a fact that Gorillas are by far more sensitive and intelligent than that Mandrill sitting in the Oval Office), threatening another primitive primate in North Korea with a “Total War”.


So… let’s see, after seventy years we have learned absolutely nothing.

What an edifying thought this is…

Back to square one it seems…

If you cannot build something, why not destroy everything?
The typical mentality of a toddler, but that toddler is President of the United States of America, and the other stupid overgrown kid is Dictator of North Korea.

How long will it take until we will come to our senses and realize that these two completely idiotic minds are playing Russian Roulette with our own lives?

Thank Heavens Mr. Putin is not Josef Stalin or Adolf Hitler, because if those two were still alive, they would have indeed reacted quite drastically at the empty threats and childish innuendos of some Kindergarten politicians we have in the West and the world would have rapidly have realized the difference between a true dictator and a reasonable leader.

It is more than time to send those cretins back to where they came from, and I do not just mean those two apes, but all, and I mean all, those incompetent, good-for-nothing politicians who have ruined our lives for so long, since they do not, and I repeat, DO NOT, represent us at all, but rather represent just the interests of the rich and powerful.


I don’t see any monarchs, nor dukes, counts or barons around, and yet something seriously wrong has happened.
Our politicians have substituted them in some way indeed.
How this happened remains a mystery to me, and yet they do indeed act as if they were aristocrats of a new species.

But remember, there will be a day of retribution, also just because these people tend to forget one thing: they are our servants, we maintain them and we, with our own taxes, pay them.
If they cease to represent us, and I mean ALL of us, it just means that they are not reliable employees anymore, and therefore, as anyone knows, an unreliable employee gets sacked and barred from coming back and do more damage.

Is it ever possible that the world population that so believes in the principles of Democracy has not as yet realized that?

It is very simple.

If they do not work for us, they work against us and if they do, they can be thrown out.

Remember people where your rights are.

Fight for them!


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